Ethnic textiles

Brocade is a richly textured, hand-woven fabric that is interspersed and often resembles embroidered fabric. Brocade in Vietnam often refers to self-woven fabrics with traditional weaving patterns of ethnic minorities in the North West and Northern Midlands.

The main material used is cotton. Cotton is harvested seasonally, then spun and spun. In some other ethnic groups, they also make use of bark (sui shell) to spun. In addition, the use of flax in the forest or dyed dark hemp. Transfer the cotton through the grain separator, then turn the cotton and then the silk thread, followed by the thread, distal to the thread and then to the frame. The most important step to create the identity of the brocade cloth is to dye fabric. Often will soak leaves with young mud from 3 to 7 days or can soak indigo leaves. Cham is a natural chemical that many nations use in dyeing steamed fabrics. In the northern mountains, there are many different varieties of indigo, and each ethnic group or region cultivates and uses a plant that is in harmony with its traditional aesthetic.

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