Các dịch vụ

We pride ourselves on our personalized service. Some services are offered as a matter of course; others are on request.

• Every object, even the least expensive, is accompanied by a Fact Sheet explaining every detail of the piece. Average length is 1000 words, but some objects require up to 5,000 words.

• We may provide additional bibliographies, field photographs, and small books to impart more extensive information.

• All objects are individually selected, cleaned and repaired; most are mounted on a base or framed, to show them to their best advantage.

• We encourage and facilitate customers taking their purchases with them. We provide (at no charge) protective wrapping, packaging, and canvas bags.

• As a courtesy, we will deliver to hotels or other venues, to save clients time and effort.

• If the client prefers, we can ship purchases by post, sea or air. We are happy to advise on the advantages and costs of each.

• We are happy to store objects and time shipping dates for the customer's convenience.

• We can provide information and advice on customs regulations in Viet Nam and in some destination countries.