Hagiang Tours

Why we are come to discover Ha Giang?

Spread over 4 mountainous districts of Ha Giang , Dong Van Plateau  including Quan Ba ​​, Yen Minh, Meo Vac , Dong Van . Situated at an average elevation of 1,000 - 1,600 m over sea level , in an area of ​​over 574 km2 of geological diversity Plateau is unique in Vietnam . It also has a series of rock formations, old over half a billion years ago . Especially close to a dozen units of limestone are very different , with a total thickness of approximately 4,000 meters . Search found 1,000 fossil species , including some endemic to the region . This is also where the record evidence of two major events in the world of mass destruction biological world on a global scale occurred here about 250 and 350 million years .  . Ha Giang is home to many unique cultural products from a long tradition of ethnic churches, H'mong , Tay, Dao , Nung , Lo Lo . to Ha Giang , tourists can see the product crystallized from the unique cultural traditions of the mountain , which is embroidered cloths , fabric , dresses with flowers of brilliant. Importan now in Ha giang still keep natural, quiet, not a lot tourist.

Mrs Katherine Muller Marin , Head of Representative Office in Hanoi UNESCO has awarded the UNESCO recognition for Dong Van Plateau . recognized as Global Geoparks second in Southeast Asia .