Old Jewellery

In Vietnam, women often wear hats, hats, towels and brooches. Dao Dao Y women and Dao Lan Fan often wear a hat with silver or aluminum. The Red Dao women wear red scarves with many decorative tassels. Dao Ninh women in Quang Ninh shaved their hair, waxed their bees and hats. H'mong flowers use wool or cotton wool to fill the hair into hairs to the head. There are many more category, round it, circular, tips, forex, ... made from different materials, design and decoration style in each region, each ethnic group.

Commonly used jewelry is brooch, earrings, necklace, bracelet and bead; Silver, aluminum, bronze, agate, bead, bone, ivory. Northern mountain tribes like to use silver while avoiding the wind, showing their wealth. Ethnic women in the Central Highlands region like agarwood seeds, ivory and are considered beautiful, precious.

  • Old Jewellery