Shamanic Arts of Vietnam

Ethnic minority people in mountainous areas have ancestor worship and polytheism. In life they respect the shaman. They claim that the shaman is the messenger between the divine and the human world. In the village, the shaman is the person responsible for doing some work related to beliefs, spirituality of individuals, families and communities. The shaman not only mastered the ancient texts, kept many ancient books, customs and rituals of the people, but also had the ability to communicate and pray supernatural blessings for human beings. Have a happy life.Shaman helps the community a lot in strengthening spiritual life, enhancing the belief and energy of each person's life and the challenges of life, helping people know the direction of good, Follow the teachings and teachings of the village.The shaman are taught from one generation to the next, bringing the unique cultural identity of ethnic people. Shaman is the same person who expresses the cultural quintessence of the ethnic group, helping the community towards the goal of life, good and good in life.

  • Shamanic Arts of Vietnam