Photos sale introduction

Photography is my favorite hobby. It refreshes the mind and provides a welcome change from such dull and dreary routine of daily life. . I am particularly interested in human and life.Photography teaches me a lot of useful things. I have to take all aspects of things into consideration. I have to look from all directions to capture a picture.Photographs, perhaps more than anything to me, I believe that they are the documentations of our lives. The ability of photography to connect to our past, associate us in an event, and preserve memories without words or interpretation makes it an influential hobby for all of us.  Photos provide a more emotional attachment than words often do. They often capture the atmosphere that I cannot find the words for.

Most of my pictures are in the mountainous area of Northwestern Vietnam. I care about them, concerned about their daily life, their culture. The  people in the photos are from the H’mong, Yao, Tay, Ha nhì... They live mostly in the northern border provinces of Vietnam.They are very isolated and very poor. The school that serves the children of these villages has a dedicated teacher who goes out to the homes to “collect” his students every morning….But it has no furniture, no books, no other learning aids and almost no paper, pens, or pencils.I have plan would like to help the children get an education and improve the life of their families and themselves.

All of the profit from the sale of the photos will be used to buy educational materials for the schools in these villages.
Thanks all for watching
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