Objects from the Central Highlands

Living on a vast plateau, majestic, forest, sunny and rainy, Tay Nguyen people have adapted to the generous nature around them. Development of forests, farming, rice, corn, potatoes, gourd to eat, cotton to wear. On the basis of a cultivated farming economy that reaches a relatively stable and proficient level, Tay Nguyen people have created a fairly comprehensive culture with deep national identity.The value of tangible culture in the Central highland has so far remained unchanged. These are the Bana, Gialai, Ede, and Mnong houses on the north-south side to get sunlight to the east-west side like sunflowers. It is a stair house house on the floor bearing the design breast mother representing the Central Highlands, are the long house (Kopan) was hewn from the large trunk, Instruments of rugged production of stone, bronze, silver rings, bracelets in the wrist. The spiritual values of the Central Highlands are boldly converging in the society. The festival is a form of mental activity bearing the national identity of the Central Highlands, often held after hard days of labor. Cultural values of the festival in the Central Highlands are reflected in agricultural festivals, Religious ceremonies, historical festivals such as the harvest festival, pruning ceremony, water gong, pot offerings, buffalo sacrifice ceremony, gong festival...In view of the death of the Central Highlanders is not the end but the continuation of life in another form then to be back.Therefore, the tombs of the Central Highlands with festive festivities symbolize the meeting,compose a song that elevates the eternal life of man, not temples,to worship the dead, to permanently a person's dead...  The statue of tomb  is the pinnacle of Centra highland art.                   When the people in family leave, to farewell (dead) , they have gifts as lively statues of people, animals and living things. It's a reflection of what, while alive, everyone is going through.More uniquely, in the tomb art also derives from the vividness of each statue itself, most statues depict action human .They carved the statues and made them vivid as souls, bringing the intimacy and realism into the work of art in a natural way.Examples of statues include: pregnant mother, statue showing the spiritual feelings of two grandchildren, , The statue of the husband does not have clothes in the sense that because of crowded home, the father must give way to the children, nursing mothers.In short, the view of the grave of the people of philosophy is very philosophical: Wood has inherited its soul.What they do is, carving and keep the soul 

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